Public Safety Officer

Position Details

Position Information

Position Title Public Safety Officer
Employment Class Code P1
FLSA Classification Non-Exempt
Reports to Shift Supervisor
Salary Grade H
Work Week 40 hours, rotating work schedule includes some weekends and holidays
Position Summary

Preserves and protects life and property owned or governed by the University. Performs effectively as a Public Safety Officer and executes public safety-related duties in accordance with federal, state and university regulations; completes specialty tasks as assigned; remains abreast of public safety trends to enhance public safety skills and performs other duties necessary to ensure crime prevention of the university. Responds to, investigates and documents all calls for service. Provides emergency medical response when necessary. Provides routine patrol of both on-campus and off-campus University properties. Provides safety services for special events. Performs all duties in full support of the University’s mission, understanding that the positive and effective execution of these duties are instrumental to the education of the University’s students.

Job Duties

This job description of the job is for identification and administrative purposes only. It is not intended to be a complete statement of all duties, which may be assigned by the supervisor according to varying needs.

Key Responsibility
Description of Key Responsibility

Provides regular, scheduled and diligent vehicular, bicycle and foot patrol services of the University campus and associated properties. Establishes a visible public safety presence, detecting situations requiring public safety assistance and rendering assistance as necessary and appropriate. Preserves and protects at all times, University property from theft, vandalism and other mishandling. Safeguards University personnel and other persons as well as their property on campus.

Essential Duty? Yes
Percentage Of Time 25%
Key Responsibility
Description of Key Responsibility

Provides building security services via daily multiple building patrols. Assumes responsibility for building access, locking and unlocking doors as necessary and appropriate.

Essential Duty? Yes
Percentage Of Time 20%
Key Responsibility
Description of Key Responsibility

Responds to emergency situations, including but not limited to, disruptive and/or disorderly incidents, various medical situations, and/or fires in an effort to restore and maintain order as well as ensure University cooperation with civil agencies.

Essential Duty? Yes
Percentage Of Time 10%
Key Responsibility
Description of Key Responsibility

Responds to routine complaints and calls for service from students, faculty, staff and visitors in a timely and professional manner. Conducts thorough and detailed preliminary investigations of all reported incidents on campus by interviewing complainants, victims and/or witnesses at the scene of a crime or incident to gather relevant information. Writes reports in narrative form describing events, activities, investigation or enforcement action taken. Handles highly sensitive information with confidentiality and tact.

Essential Duty? Yes
Percentage Of Time 10%
Key Responsibility
Description of Key Responsibility

Provides traffic and parking enforcement duties on campus to ensure the safety of our students, staff, faculty and visitors. Assists motorists with disabled vehicles as necessary and appropriate.

Essential Duty? Yes
Percentage Of Time 10%
Key Responsibility
Description of Key Responsibility

Assures that order is maintained at University events. Responds to complaints of disturbances or disorderly behavior, taking action as necessary and appropriate.

Essential Duty? No
Percentage Of Time 10%
Key Responsibility
Description of Key Responsibility

Inspects, maintains and secures all assigned and departmental issued equipment to ensure effective operating conditions are maintained. Adheres to all procedures for the safe handling of firearms.

Essential Duty? No
Percentage Of Time 5%
Key Responsibility
Description of Key Responsibility

Attends mandatory quarterly and annual certification courses as required to maintain valid qualifications. Actively participates in in-service training programs. Maintains public safety related skills and abilities at an acceptable level. Provides field training to new recruits.

Essential Duty? No
Percentage Of Time 5%
Key Responsibility
Description of Key Responsibility

Assists members of the University community with routine information or requests for directions. Receives and dispatches calls for service as well as monitors access controls, intrusion detection and CCTV systems.

Essential Duty? No
Percentage Of Time 5%

Posting Detail Information

Posting Number PS082P
Working Conditions

Requires extensive safety training and/or protective devices.
Regular exposure to moving machinery and/or vehicles.
Regular exposure to infectious material/diseases.
Works on slippery or uneven surfaces.
High dust, dirt, grease environment.
Works with poor ventilation or with regular exposure to odors.
Works in darkness or with poor lighting.
Regular exposure to weather including heat, cold, dampness and/or humidity.

Physical Effort

Typically standing, walking and/or running.
Typically smelling and/or tasting.
Typically crawling or kneeling.
Typically pushing and/or pulling.
Intermittently sitting, standing, stooping.
Heavy lifting or carrying 51 lbs or more.
Using equipment requiring high dexterity.
Climbing stairs, ladders or scaffolds.
Requires balance to prevent falling or erratic movement.
Requires handling by seizing, holding, grasping or turning hands.
Requires distinguishing colors and/or depth perception to judge distances.
Requires good near or distant vision.
Requires good hearing.

Impact of Actions

Makes recommendations or decisions which usually affect the assigned department, but may at times affect operations, services, individuals, or activities of others outside of the assigned department.


Varied: Work is complex and varied and requires the selection and application of technical and detailed guidelines. Problems are not easy to identify, but are similar to those seen before. Moderate analytic ability is needed to gather and interpret data where results/answers can be found after analysis of several facts. Solutions can often be found by using methods chosen before in other situations.

Decision Making

Varied: Supervisor is available on an “as needed” basis to establish general objectives and to identify potential resources for assistance. Independent judgment is required to select and apply the most appropriate of available guidelines and procedures to achieve desired results.

Internal Communication

Requires regular contact within the department and with other departments supplying or gathering factual information.

External Communication

Requires regular external contacts to discuss issues of moderate importance and to respond to inquiries. Occasionally requires contacts with the public involving the enforcement of regulations, policies and procedures.

Customer Relations

Contact with customers involves more complex servicing over the telephone, in writing or in person to resolve complaints, make adjustments or correct mistakes about a selected service, product or capability.

Managerial Skills

Has responsibility or authority which is limited to the direction of temporary or student workers.

Knowledge & Skills

Formal Technical Skills: Requires extensive knowledge of a distinct trade or technical area. Knows policies and procedures, and can recommend a course of action based upon these guidelines, modifying existing methods, procedures or forms as necessary. May work with software applications. Ability to use computer software to type and process documentation.

Special Skills

Registered as a public safety officer with the Connecticut State Police. Possession of current motor vehicle license in good standing. Possession of a CT pistol permit and ability to obtain a Guard Card – Blue Card permit within thirty (30) days of hire. Possess and maintain EMR certification. Mandated training for hazardous materials and bloodborne pathogens will be provided. Must meet annual firearms qualification requirements. Must pass pre-employment physical, drug screen and psychological evaluation. The ability to achieve and maintain certification in Expandible Police Baton, OC Spray, handcuffing and other required training as deemed necessary by the department.

  • The ability to work effectively with diverse groups.
Desired Start Date
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Open Until Filled Yes
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